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Ravenloft is a campaign setting written for Dungeons & Dragons. Its boudaries enclose the most evil creatures and beings. Ravenloft is a demiplane (linking together all other planes) where darklords rule on domains in which they were trapped by "The Dark Powers".

Pathfinder Ravenloft Resources

English pdf Children of the Night   (Darklord stats, and timelines, thanks to Ryan Naylor)

English pdf Domains of Dread   (Overview, Races, Classes, Feats, Equipment, Magic, Fear, Horror, Madness, Curses, Powers Checks, Magic Items, thanks to Ryan Naylor)

English pdf Mistfinder   (Unofficial conversion, thanks to Mistfinder)

English pdf Van Richten’s Monster Hunter’s Compendium   (Monster stats, templates, and monstrous feats, thanks to Ryan Naylor)

D&D Edition 3.5 Ravenloft Resources

English pdf Van Richten's Guide to the Mists   (Thanks to White Wolf)

D&D 3rd Edition Ravenloft Resources

English pdf Ravenloft 3rd Edition Errata   (Official corrections)

English pdf Strahd von Zarovich

AD&D 2nd Edition Ravenloft Resources

English pdf The Book of Cries

English doc Vampires

Other Ravenloft Resources

English pdf Book of Souls   (Contains new fonts, thanks to Secrets of the Kargatane)

English htm Strahd von Zarovich   (Thanks to Wizards of the Coast)

D&D 3rd Edition Adventure Modules

English pdf Children of the Night   (Thanks to Secrets of the Kargatane)

French pdf Ravenloft II : La Maison de Gryphon Hill, en français   (Unofficial translation, thanks to Iannis)

English pdf Ravenloft II: The House on Gryphon Hill   (Original adventure module, thanks to WotC)

English pdf Shadow of the Knife   (Thanks to Secrets of the Kargatane)

English rtf Touch of Death   (Thanks to WotC)

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