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Riddles and Traps for D&D

Tired of always serving the old "tree over the road" ambush to your players? With these books of riddles and traps you can be sure to cause them real headaches with interesting, amusing but often frustrating challenges.

Riddle Books

English htm Good Old Riddles

French doc Le petit livre des √©nigmes   (Translation of some English riddles)

French pdf Les énigmes d'Helmous

English doc The Infamous Net.Book.Riddles

English txt The Net Book of Riddles

Trap Books

English doc Another Book of Traps

English rtf Another Water Trap

English pdf D&D Trap Ideas   (Thanks to RPG Digest)

English doc It's a Trap!

English pdf Locks and Traps   (Thanks to RPGamers' Station)

English txt Net. Traps Book

English txt Pit & the Pendulum

English doc Trap Collection #1

English doc Trap Collection #2

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